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A Short History of the Dogtown Territorial Quarterly

We have published The California Territorial Quarterly (formerly known as the Dogtown Territorial Quarterly) in Paradise, California since 1990 and have covered a wide range of California history topics since that time. Our decision to publish the Territorial was motivated by requests from our customers who purchased California history books from us at our retail rare coin dealership and gift shop known as Paradise Coin & Gift (established 1980). In addition to serving northern California coin collectors, we specialize in new and used California history books and found that many people were looking for stories that were either published some time ago and were out of print or had not yet been published.

We decided to publish a California history magazine, naming it the "Dogtown Territorial Quarterly" after the local gold mining area once known as Dogtown, located on a ridge overlooking the West Branch of the Feather River above Whiskey Flats. A 54 pound gold nugget was discovered across the canyon from Dogtown in 1859 on the slopes of Sawmill Peak which, at that time, was the largest gold nugget ever found in California. Our local Gold Nugget Museum was established from the proceeds generated by a celebration commemorating the discovery of the Dogtown Nugget known as "Gold Nugget Days" and is held each year in April in Paradise and Magalia.

Early issues of the Dogtown Territorial Quarterly focused upon the local area we live in - Paradise, Magalia (the current name of old Dogtown), Helltown, Coutolenc, Lovelock, Stirling City, Inskip, Chico, Oroville (Ophir), Cherokee, Yankee Hill, Hamilton, Bidwell Bar and all of Butte County, California. We were fortunate to find local historical groups and individual historians who were willing to help us get started. Our first issue and subsequent issues would not have been possible without them. We have ever since provided free listings for California historical societies, museums and research groups within the pages of the Territorial (and on this website) as one way of showing our appreciation for their assistance, which continues to this day.

Beginning with our Special Bear Flag Revolt Issue #13 we expanded the focus to cover all of California and those who came to California on the various emigrant trails by covered wagon, on horse or mule-back, and on foot; or by ship, across the Isthmus of Panama or around Cape Horn, and from all over the world. The California Gold Rush is one of our favorite topics. We're also fond of stories relating to Sutter's Fort and its founder John Augustus Sutter and have published a Special Donner Party Issue.

DTQ #13DTQ #17DTQ #19DTQ #26

Over the last fifteen years we have tried our best to continually improve the quality and content of the Territorial by having every story we publish reviewed by other historians who are familiar with the topic covered. In addition, every story is proofed by each author in its final form prior to publication. We much prefer articles derived from "primary sources" rather than ones derived from "secondary sources." All articles published must include end notes and/or a bibliography of sources. We receive far more manuscripts than we have room to publish or that meet our strict guidelines for writers. You can access our Writer's Guidelines here or from The California History Website link bar below.

Beginning with issue #51, Fall 2002, we changed the name of our magazine to The California Territorial Quarterly, a name which more accurately reflects its content of California history.

Unlike many school textbooks and recently published California history articles, The California Territorial Quarterly is not a "revisionist history magazine." We agree with the late Chico historian William (Old Hutch) Hutchinson when he wrote: "While we may not approve of our forebear's actions, we should remember that we are not where they were when they were there, and we would be well-advised to heed Herman Ausubel's dictum: The historian who aspires to be a judge must not try his case by a code unknown to the defendent."

We are fortunate to have a volunteer staff of highly respected California historians who serve as Historical Advisors to us. The quality of our magazine reflects the professionalism and attention to detail that they give every manuscript we publish. Each one of them has an overwhelming desire to "get it right." Many of their scholarly California history articles appear in the Territorial from time to time.

All of the California history articles that have appeared in the Territorial have been donated by each individual author/historian for the enjoyment of our readers. We have only asked for one-time permission to print their stories and all copyrights to each story remain with the authors. Authors do receive 25 copies of the issue their story appears in as payment for a major article. A short biography of every Author/Historian is available for review.

We hope you will consider becoming a subscriber to The California Territorial Quarterly. It is for the love of California's rich history that we bring this magazine to you, your friends and our communities. Bill & Penny Anderson, Editors & Publishers


A Short History of Paradise Coin & Gift

Exterior View

We moved to Paradise, California in the spring of 1980 and were attracted to the natural beauty of the local canyons and rivers. Like early emigrants to California, Bill got the gold fever and went gold mining. We bought a gold pan - then a sluice box - and finally - a 4" suction gold dredge.

Encouraged by small successes in finding gold flakes, we found ourselves packing the heavy equipment in and out of the canyon of the West Branch of the Feather River every weekend, and in the end, we expended far more time and effort than it was worth. The dredge ended up sitting in the garage taking up space and was finally sold to someone else with the gold fever.

We learned from the experience that other gold miners were in need of someone to buy their gold and sell them mining supplies and we started doing just that. Having been a coin collector since he was a young boy, Bill began buying and selling rare coins, placer gold, mining equipment and just about anything else of value.

After meeting a gentleman who agreed to consign his large rare coin collection, we decided to rent a small 18 foot by 10 foot building for our first part-time coin shop with gold mining supplies. In addition to running his coin shop during the day, Bill worked nights in a local grocery store for the first seven years.

After a few years we were able to rent a bigger building with an expanded coin shop and living quarters. We started carrying mining books and California history books that dealt with the California Gold Rush and soon people were asking for other types of California history books which we added to our inventory.

We moved our store, Paradise Coin & Gift, to our current location in 1985 and once again expanded our store to carry a much larger selection of California history books, jewelry, mining supplies and other gifts. Twenty seven years later, we are still in the same location, dealing in collectible rare coins, gold, silver, jewelry, gold mining supplies, new and used California history books and publishing The California Territorial Quarterly - California history at its very best!

We hope you'll be able to visit our retail store on the Skyway in Paradise sometime soon - but for now - you can visit this internet website where you'll find almost everything we sell in our store and publish in our magazine - at the same low prices and with the same friendly service.

Please note: We have designed this website with a minimum of graphics and glitzy whistles and bells to ensure that our web pages will load quickly to give you prompt service!

Bill & Penny Anderson, owners, Paradise Coin & Gift, editors & publishers, the California Territorial Quarterly.


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