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The following questions to California history trivia are derived from history articles that were published in the Dogtown Territorial Quarterly from 1990 to 1998.

The best way to take each test is to read the questions and jot down your answers on a piece of paper. At the end of each issue's questions click to see the answers. You can then click back to the questions. Scroll down to take the next issue's trivia test and repeat the procedure.

These trivia questions are grouped by issue numbers so you can find the articles that the questions and answers were taken from should you want to order and read them. By clicking the blue underlined word "Preview" below each issue number and date you will see a listing of the articles in that issue with a short description of each.


Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #1, Spring 1990




1. Hupp's Mill was an early business that provided this commodity.

2. The rich Emma Mine was located in this early mining district

3. A 12,000 foot tunnel was completed in 1886 to divert the Feather River from its streambed around this area for gold mining purposes.

4. How long was the Sierra Lumber Company's V-flume completed in 1874 along Chico Creek?

5. What was discovered at Dogtown in 1859?

6. When was the Butte County Railroad completed?

7. President Hayes visited which local gold mining area in 1880?

8. What was the occupation of Major Frank McLaughlin?

9. Giant bucket-line dredges were first introduced in America at this gold country location.

10. John Bidwell discovered gold here on July 4, 1848.

11. Name the U.S. Major General who traveled through Butte County in May 1846 with Kit Carson.

12. Name the famous American explorer and furtrapper who explored the Feather River in 1828.

13. What local famous western outlaw was a PO8?

14. The first legal execution in Butte County was witnessed by how many people?

15. What is the "mammoth channel?"

16. Which local mine runs under Magalia Reservoir and was closed due to water seeping into the mine?

17. Who was Sam Neal?

18. Where is the giant rock wall built in the 1870s by mining engineer Frank McLaughlin?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #2, Summer 1990




1. What was in the middle of Clark Road near Lovely Lane until November 1945?

2. Who was William H. McKay?

3. What method was used to build the Magalia Reservoir?

4. What was one of the things Magalia was known for during the Civil War?

5. What post office was nearest to Dogtown in 1857?

6. Where did Humbug Road originally go to?

7. What product was produced at the old town of Abetine from the pitch of Jeffrey Pine trees?

8. What was the name of the sawmill that Paradise grew up around?

9. What year was the Skyway put through from Chico to Paradise?

10. What was a "digger ounce?"

11. What was the legal limit of business that a woman could conduct in 1856?

12. Approximately 30-35,000 Maidu Indians inhabited northern California prior to the gold rush. How many were left by 1904?

13. What happened to the first postmaster at Butte Mills?

14. What happened on the Butte County Railroad in 1909?

15. Where did the majority of Chinese miners come from?

16. What was the significance of the Chinese pigtail or "queue?"

17. What significance do the letters "FXO7" have?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #3, Fall 1990




1. Who was the first man to be killed by Indians near Dogtown?

2. Who built the two-story Lovelock Hotel in 1885?

3. Who built the first hotel at Dogtown?

4. Who built the first sawmill near Optimo?

5. Who discovered the pass that brough emigrants through the Feather River Canyon from near Reno to Bidwell Bar in 1850?

6. What happened near Oroville on November 1, 1897?

7. Who was Manoah Pence?

8. How long did it take for a letter to be delivered from Marysville to Dogtown in 1852?

9. Who built Clark Road in Paradise?

10. When was the Inskip Hotel built?

11. When did Paradise get its first post office?

12. What is a Maidu Hubo?

13. Who was Pegleg Michaels?

14. What was the Maidu "burning ceremony?"

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #4, Winter 1990




1. How many goldseekers reached California in 1849?

2. What was the California Dog Express?

3. Where was Dr. Enloe's first hospital?

4. Who was George Sharkovich?

5. How many ships landed in San Francisco in 1849?

6. Where was the first public telegraph in Butte County?

7. Who settled the area of Oregon City, California?

8. Who was the first man to mine gold near Dogtown?

9. Who was known as "The Bard of the Butte?"

10. How much did the Bidwell Mansion cost to build in 1865?

11. Who survived the three worst Indian massacres of the fur trade era?

12. How did Cherokee, California get its name?

13. Who was the first settler in Butte County?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #5, Spring 1991




1. How much did the Table Mountain meteor weigh?

2. Who won the Great Stagecoach Race of 1857?

3. How big was Peter Lassen's Ranch Bosquejo?

4. Where was the first masonic lodge in California?

5. What was the Chapparal House?

6. Who started E Clampus Vitus?

7. Where was the Genii Mine in Butte County?

8. When is Bidwell Bar Day?

9. When did Granville Stuart leave Dogtown?

10. When is the Honey Run Covered Bridge Breakfast on Butte Creek?

11. What is "Rabbit Creek" known as today?

12. Who was the first white settler in Butte County?

13. When is Gold Nugget Days in Paradise?

14. What is Cache Valley known as today?

15. What happened to the magnificent Chico Hotel?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #6, Summer 1991




1. How old was Sam Neal when he died?

2. Who got the original grant for Rancho Esquon?

3. Who was John Fremont's father-in-law?

4. According to legend, who was the first Clampatriarch of E Clampus Vitus?

5. Who bought the Boston Ranch in 1857?

6. Where was James Marshall's ranch?

7. When did John Sutter arrive in California?

8. Which Chico pioneer joined the Western Emigration Society?

9. Who brought secret instructions for Fremont in Oregon?

10. Who was the only president of the California Republic?

11. Where is James Marshall buried?

12. Who was Juanita?

13. Who wrote the statement of common resolve signed by the Bear Flaggers?

14. What was the name of Hawaii in the mid-1840s?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #7, Fall 1991




1. Where did Sam Neal stake his first gold mining claim?

2. Who was the first American family that traveled with Bidwell to California?

3. Where is William B. Ide buried?

4. Fremont accused Ide of claiming California for whom?

5. What was the name of Sam Neal's Indian daughter?

6. What was Annie Bidwell's maiden name?

7. How many people started from Sapling Grove in 1841 for California?

8. According to John Bidwell, who was William Todd related to?

9. Who was Sam Neal's first partner on Rancho Esquon?

10. What is a miner's inch?

11. Who was the first quartermaster of the California Battalion?

12. Who recognized the Clampers in the 1930s?

13. What did Sam Neal die from?

14. What ranch did John Bidwell buy with the gold he acquired at Bidwell Bar?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #8, Winter 1991




1. What happened to William Brown at Rich Bar in 1851?

2. What business did Miss Susan A. Lord have at Bidwell Bar/

3. Who was the editor of the Butte Record in 1854?

4. How many men were hung for murdering Charles Dunbar?

5. Who shot George Sharkovich?

6. When was the first masonic lodge formed at Bidwell Bar?

7. How many people witnessed the hanging of Albert Reisberg in Butte County?

8. What group visited Bidwell Bar only one time in August 1854?

9. When did Manoah Pence die?

10. Where did J. Goldsborough Bruff have Christmas dinner in 1850?

11. Who is the newly-elected (1991) Noble Grand Humbug of the Pair O Dice 7/11 chapter of E Clampus Vitus?

12. When was the Pioneer Museum in Oroville Built?

13. Who was the first judge in Butte County?

14. When did California officially recognize December 25th as Christmas Day?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #9, Spring 1992




1. What was the estimate of the loss of property from the fire at Bidwell Bar in 1854?

2. Who paid to have the Chinese Temple in Oroville built?

3. Who had the first major stage line in Butte County?

4. Where did Black Bart spend his time in prison?

5. When did Tom Neal strike gold near Dogtown?

6. What was found on the Black Rock Desert in 1990?

7. When is Gold Nugget Days?

8. What new display is at the Gold Nugget Museum in Paradise?

9. Where did the Donner Party celebrate July 4th?

10. When was the California Northern Railroad completed?

11. How many native dialects were spoken in California in the 1830s?

12. When was Ishi discovered?

13. When is the Trader's Faire at Sutter's Fort?

14. When was the Bidwell Bar bridge constructed?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #10, Summer 1992




1. Who gave John Sutter a passport to settle in California?

2. Who was Jim Bridger's partner at Bridger's Fort?

3. Where did water for the Bidwell Bar flume come from?

4. What prehistoric lake covered the Great Basin?

5. What did the Yana Indians use soaproot for?

6. Where was Nevada's first unofficial Post Office?

7. When was the Butte County Search and Rescue Team formed?

8. When was the Lott Home in Oroville built?

9. Where did Lansford Hastings die in shame?

10. Who killed John Snyder of the Donner Party?

11. What name did John Sutter give to his settlement?

12. How much did Sutter agree to pay for Fort Ross?

13. Most Yana cures were thought to be the result of this.

14. Who tended the Mother Orange Tree for 46 years?

15. Who did John Folck give a gold nugget pin to?

16. Who became John Sutter's best friend?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #11, Fall 1992




1. Shampooty's name could not be mentioned for how long after her death?

2. What did Donner Lake used to be known as?

3. Who spent the winter of 1844 alone at Truckee Lake?

4. What was the first settlement in California along the Truckee Route?

5. What party was ahead of the Donner Party?

6. Who wrote The Emigrant's Guide?

7. Where did the widow Brown and her family end up?

8. Who killed the Indian fighter, Hiram Goode?

9. Who held a parade in Beckwourth, California in August 1992?

10. When was the Butte County seat moved to Oroville?

11. When was the Bidwell Mansion Association formed?

12. How many Donner Party people survived?

13. When were the Lewis children abducted?

14. When was Ishi discovered in Oroville?

15. Who brought Ina Coolbrith into California?

16. "History revisited is history - - - - - - -"

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #12, Winter 1992




1. She married William Johnson of Johnson's Ranch.

2. What is the name of the site of the Pomo Massacre near upper lake?

3. Who owned the horse and mule that John Bidwell lost in 1843?

4. Who approved grants for Sutter's friends on December 22, 1844?

5. Who shot an arrow at Mr. Apperson in 1908?

6. What was the "samani" Ishi spoke of?

7. Where was George Lovelock originally from?

8. Who owned the Bluffton Ranch?

9. When did Ishi return home after being discovered?

10. Who killed Indian Ned, the murderer of Hi Good?

11. Who obtained the Arroyo Chico grant in 1844?

12. Who purchased the Gutierrez grant for $150?

13. Which grant was Marshall's Butte Creek Ranch on?

14. Who was the U. S. Consul in Monterey in the 1840s?

15. Who was the first mayor of San Jose?

16. Who became known as the "Wheat King?"

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #13, Spring 1993

Special California Bear Flag Revolt Issue




1. Who was the first quartermaster of the California Battalion?

2. Who brought messages for Fremont at Klamath Lake in Oregon?

3. Who rounded up the government horses for Castro?

4. Who is credited with the artwork of the Bear Flag?

5. What was William B. Ide's title at Sonoma?

6. Who were Sutter's bodyguards, vaqueros and overseers?

7. What was Fremont's "Marquee?"

8. When did the Bear Flaggers take Sonoma?

9. Who started California's first newspaper, The Californian?

10. How long did the Bear Flag fly at Sonoma?

11. Who captured and killed Cowie and Fowler?

12. When did Bidwell take Mexican citizenship?

13. Who was the first permanent settler in Shasta County?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #14, Summer 1993




1. The 1st U. S. Dragoons were established in this year

2. When did Heinrich Schliemann discover the ancient city of Troy?

3. What was Fort Crook's original name?

4. Who captured and killed Thomas Cowie and George Fowler?

5. Who was in charge of capturing Robert Ridley at Yerba Buena?

6. When did Fremont first go to Sonoma?

7. Who was in charge of the men who killed the Haro twins and Jose Berreyesa?

8. Fauntleroy's Dragoons were organized on this date.

9. When was Rich Bar discovered?

10. Where were Ishi's villages located?

11. When was Camp Far West active?

12. Who owned the Empire Hotel at Rich Bar?

13. What was Heinrich Schliemann's primary occupation in Sacramento in 1851-2?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #15, Fall 1993




1. He provided bacon and hardtack for members of the Three Knolls raiders.

2. One of the most difficult spots on the Lassen Trail between Mill and Deer creeks.

3. Who claimed scalps taken in Indian raids in northern California?

4. Where was the Rich Bar store located in 1936?

5. How many pieces are in the Birch silver service?

6. He worked as a porter at the St. Nicholas Hotel in Oroville prior to sailing east.

7. In what prison did Tom Bell do time in 1855?

8. What volcanic formation lies between Red Bluff and Oroville?

9. When did Maiduan peoples first inhabit northern California?

10. Who purchased the first printing press in California?

11. How much gold sank on the Central America?

12. How was Tom Hodges Bell executed?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #16, Winter 1993




1. What was William B. Ide's civilian occupation?

2. When did the Ide family arrive in California?

3. Who convinced William B. Ide to come to California instead of Oregon?

4. Other than Fremont, who was the real military leader at Sonoma?

5. What family built the first home in Benicia?

6. Who owned the California House in Benicia?

7. What paper published the first announcement of gold and when?

8. Who was the alcalde at Benicia in 1848?

9. Why did the Californian cease publication on May 29, 1848?

10. Who was Secretary of War in 1856 and later the president of the Confederate States?

11. In what year did the first eruption of Lassen Peak occur in the 20th century?

12. Who authorized the sonar survey at Durham Cemetery?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #17, Spring 1994

Special California Gold Rush Issue




1. When did James Marshall claim to find gold?

2. Who discovered gold on Clear Creek?

3. Who discovered gold on the Feather River?

4. The last third of the 1849 migration across the plains took this trail.

5. How many ounces of gold were mined in the Sierra Nevada during the gold rush?

6. Where did the gold for the Oregon Beaver coins come from?

7. Who became the first civil governor of California?

8. Who was president of the California Constitutional Convention?

9. When was the first attempt to organize E Clampus Vitus and where?

10. Who piloted the Ide family from Fort Hall to Sutter's Fort?

11. Who owned the Almo Rancho near Williams, California?

12. When did California become the 31st state?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #18, Summer 1994




1. Who was the pilot to Fort Hall (Idaho) for the Stephens-Townsend-Murphy Party?

2. What does the word "Truckee" mean?

3. Who wrote the proclamation for the California Republic?

4. Which U. S. Naval officer visited the Bear Flaggers at Sonoma on June 16, 1846?

5. Who massacred the members of the Fancher Party at Mountain Meadows in 1857?

6. Who was executed at Mountain Meadows on March 23, 1877?

7. When did the army sell its camels?

8. Who was the father of James Ord, Sr.?

9. Who was the last man to be executed in Sierra County?

10. When was the Dogtown Nugget discovered?

11. What happened at tunnel #13 on October 11, 1923?

12. How much money did the De Autremonts get away with?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #19, Fall 1994

Special Sutter's Fort Issue




1. What was Sutter's original destination when he went west in 1838?

2. Who killed Sutter's pugnacious bulldog?

3. What part of today's Sutter's Fort remains from the orriginal?

4. Who did Sutter want his daughter to marry?

5. What was Sutter's original name for Suttersville?

6. What happened to the Great House at Hock Farm?

7. Where did Sutter obtain ten cannon in 1841?

8. Who founded Sacramento?

9. What organization arranged the rebirth of Sutter's Fort?

10. What was in the pond at Sutter's Fort from 1900-1915?

11. From what tribe did Sutter primarily recruit his Indian Guard?

12. Who referred to William B. Ide as President of the Bear Flag Republic?

13. When did wagons first cross the Sierra Nevada?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #20, Winter 1994




1. Who was convicted in the Lookout Lynching?

2. What was called the "lumper" in Ireland?

3. How many different languages are spoken in California?

4. Who tossed young Sam Clemens into a slough in Hannibal?

5. How many duels did John Nugent win?

6. When were the ropes used in the Lookout Lynching first put on display?

7. Who said "A squirrel could travel from one end of the San Joaquin Valley to the other, without ever touching the ground?

8. When did Mark Twain leave Virginia City for San Francisco?

9. He died the year of Haley's Comet, 1910.

10. Who surveyed Larkin's Children's Rancho in 1847?

11. What modern counties comprised the original Colusi County?

12. How much money did Reuel Gridley raise?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #21, Spring 1995




1. How old was John Muir when he came to California?

2. Which two U. S. generals attended the Bidwell wedding?

3. Which president camped with John Muir at Yosemite?

4. What trapped John Work's trappers at the Buttes?

5. Who became "virtually the entire government of Colusi County?"

6. Who built the first Colusi County jail?

7. Who was convicted for the Lookout Lynching?

8. Where is the Mooretown Rancheria located?

9. How did John Bold settle his accounts with the Third Auditor?

10. Where did gold miners convert their gold dust into "the coin of the realm?"

11. Who was responsible for earning the Bidwell's reputation as local saints?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #22, Summer 1995




1. What did Ezekiel Merritt & Hugh Glenn have in common?

2. How long did Hyrun Miller stay in Folsom Prison for the murder of Dr. Glenn?

3. What was Captain Jack's Indian name?

4. What is tufa?

5. When was Thankful Lewis captured?

6. Who was the only U. S. General to be killed in an Indian war?

7. What happened in Helltown in March of 1863 that may have led to the capture of the three Lewis children?

8. When did the Modoc Indians first have contact with Hudson's Bay fur trappers?

9. Which covered bridge crosses the Stanislaus River?

10. Where did Merritt and Buckner first mine for gold?

11. What was used on the Glenn Ranch and was known as the "Monitor?"

12. What county was the Glenn Ranch in while Hugh Glenn was alive?

13. Why did northern California Indians smear pitch and ash on their faces?

14. What is the nation's longest single-span covered bridge?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #23, Fall 1995




1. How many Modoc warriors defended Captain Jack's Stronhold?

2. Who wrote the famous romantic novel Ramona?

3. What Indian tribe did Juan Diego belong to?

4. When will California celebrate the 150th anniversary of statehood?

5. Why was Jay Phillips released from the army after five years of service?

6. How long did the California Zephyr maintain service from Chicago to Oakland?

7. Why did Sam Temple kill Juan Diego?

8. When did the Ramona Pageantin Hemet begin?

9. Who called H. H. Bancroft's History of California "machine history?"

10. Who were Ben and Rambler?

11. Who claimed to have killed 800 grizzlies during his career?

12. Who wrote that Grigsby was the commander at Sonoma in June 1846?

13. Was there ever a real Ramona?

14. How old did men who joined the army have to be to join without their parent's permission?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue # 24, Winter 1995




1. Who wanted an Irish colony in the San Joaquin Valley in 1846?

2. What was found beneath The Oak of the Golden Dream?

3. Who killed General Edward Canby?

4. Where could a gambler find the most lavish gambling establishments in the 1850s?

5. How did John Muir think the Yosemite Valley was formed?

6. What member of the California Geological Survey became the director of the first United States Geological Survey?

7. Where was the first California gold found that was made into gold coins by the U. S. Mint?

8. When was the first America's Cup race held?

9. Who was traveling with Eugene MacNamara when he arrived in Monterey in 1846?

10. How many British sailors were on HMS Collingwood?

11. Who published The Metallic Wealth of the United States in 1854?

12. Who hired Clarence King and James T. Gardner for the California Geological Survey?

13. What prominent geographic features were named for five men of the California Geological Survey?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #25, Spring 1996




1. Who did John Muir work for in Yosemite in 1870?

2. What caused the financial ruin of Joshua Abraham Norton?

3. When were the Modocs forced from their stronghold?

4. Who was the first director of the U. S. Sanitary Commission?

5. Who was responsible for naming Mount Whitney?

6. How was Yosemite Valley formed?

7. What coin did Emperor Norton carry until his dying day?

8. Who said "You will be fully justified in their (the Modocs) utter extermination?"

9. Who wrote the classic Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada?

10. Where did Hooker Jim surrender to the U. S. Army?

11. Who pronounced the Calaveras Skulls to be of ancient origin?

12. When were Captain Jack and his family captured?

13. Was Josiah Dwight Whitney fired from the California Geological Survey or did he resign?

14. Approximately how much money did Californians contribute to the U. S. Sanitary Commission?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #26 , Summer 1996

Special Donner Party Issue




1.Who was the first to send relief to the stranded Donner Party in the Sierra?

2. Who did Tamsen Donner pay to take her children all the way to Sutter's Fort?

3. Where did the Reed family stay after the tragedy?

4. How did George Donner cut his hand?

5. Where is Patty Reed's doll usually on display?

6. Who was Fort Laramie named for?

7. Who warned the Donners and Reeds not to take the Hastings Cut-off?

8. With what could Patty Reed "fight the entire Sioux nation single-handed?

9. What was the firdst white settlement in California emigrants reached after crossing the Sierra on the Truckee Route?

10. How old was William Murphy when he walked into Johnson's Ranch?

11. Who killed Sutter's Indians Luis and Salvador?

12. Who published Keseberg's account of the Donner tragedy?

13. The town of Marysville is named for her.

14. What happened to Captain Jack after he was hung?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #27, Fall 1996




1. What was the LaGrange used for after it reached Sacramento?

2. Who caught Tiburcio Vasquez with Rosaria Levia?

3. What does the word "Chilao" mean?

4. Who denied clemency for Vasquez?

5. What did the term "gambler" indicate in early California?

6. What was Eleanore Dumont's popular name?

7. Who were the founders of the Fenian Brotherhood?

8. What was the goal of the Fenian Brotherhood?

9. From what source did the Fenians recruit trained soldiers in the United States?

10. Where was Tiburcio Vasquez captured?

11. What destroyed the post buildings at Fort Tejon in January 1857?

12. How many owners did the Commodore Jones have in its six year lifetime?

13. What did Vasquez do when he found out Rosaria Levia was pregnant?

14. What was the copper sheathing on the LaGrange used for after the vessel reached Sacramento?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #28, Winter 1996




1. Who called the Colorado River the "Seedskeeder?"

2. What river was supposed to flow between the Great Salt Lake and the Pacific Ocean?

3. Who killed Jedediah Smith?

4. Where was Theodor Hartweg from?

5. How many plants did Hartweg send to England from California?

6. It was known as a "cheating game."

7. What was another name for "Vingt-Un?"

8. National leader of the Fenian Brotherhood who allied himself with the Savage Wing.

9. This doctrine declared in effect that once an Englishman, always a Englishman.

10. How many complete circles of curves were on the Ridge Route from Lebec to Saugus?

11. What did Jedediah Smith call the Sierra?

12. What did gamblers use when playing Sweat or Chuck-a-Luck?

13. How many California Irishmen were members of the Fenian Brotherhood?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #29, Spring 1997




1. Who commanded the San Francisco Presidio when Captain Richardson was first appointed Captain of the Port?

2. Which European first discovered the La Brea tar pits?

3. What was San Francisco's original name?

4. Who founded Spiritualism?

5. When was the 54 pound Dogtown Nugget discovered at the Willard Claim?

6. Who was the first female political speaker in California?

7. Who was the first female lawyer in California?

8. Who advocated that women should reveive "the same pay for the same work" in 1869?

9. What does El Camino Real mean?

10. When did Spain formally claim soveriegnty over Alta California?

11. Who led the first Europeans to look upon California's great Central Valley?

12. Who was responsible for the removal of Pedro Fages as Military Commander of Alta California?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #30, Summer 1997




1. Who led the first expedition of non-Indians to cross Tejon Pass?

2. By what name was the San Joaquin Valley known in 1837?

3. How did Peter Lebeck die?

4. Who did E. F. Beale slap twice across the face in Washington, D.C.?

5. When did the 1st Dragoons first occupy Fort Tejon?

6. What occurred at Fort Tejon in January 1857?

7. When did the first telegraph message from San Francisco reach Los Angeles?

8. When were the last troops removed from Fort Tejon?

9. Who discovered the borax mines in Death Valley?

10. Who was the stagecoach king of southern California?

11. What does El Camino Viejo mean?

12. How was Los Angeles notified of the attack on Fort Sumter?

13. What town today is the site of New York of the Pacific?

14. What destroyed the Irish potato crops from 1845-49?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #31, Fall 1997




1. Who confiscated Ewing Young's furs from his 1826 expedition?

2. Who tore up James Pattie's trapping permit in 1828?

3. Who was the first to give Kit Carson a start as a mountain man?

4. Who called the San Gabriel Mission "a Paradise on earth?"

5. What trail traversed through southwestern Colorado, Utah and southern Nevada?

6. How many wagons followed O. K. Smith when they left the Old Spanish Trail?

7. Who discovered Saratoga Spring?

8. How did O. K. Smith disappear?

9. Who shot and killed Senator David S. Broderick?

10. When was the overland telegraph completed?

11. When did confederate sympathizers attempt to sail the schooner J. M. Chapman out of San Francisco Harbor?

12. Who constructed the first prison building on Alcatraz?

13. When did the first riot occur in San Francisco?

14. What was the primary Civil War "battleground" in California?

15. Who picked Cañada de las Uvas for the site of Fort Tejon?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #32, Winter 1997




1. Who led the first detachment into Fort Tejon and established a garrison?

2. Was Fort Tejon located at a strategic crossroads or a mountain pass?

3. Who was responsible for officially naming Fort Tejon?

4. Who owned the Fort Tejon site in 1859?

5. What did a licensed sutler do at Fort Tejon?

6. When did telegraph service begin at Fort Tejon?

7. Who commanded the 2nd Cavalry, California Volunteers, at the massacre in Kelso Canyon?

8. When did an earthquake first hit Fort Tejon?

9. How long was Henry Hamilton editor of the Los Angeles Star?

10. Who was the foremost champion that advocated an independent Pacific Repoublic?

11. What was the population of California in 1861?

12. Who ordered the arrest of Henry Hamilton, the editor of the Los Angeles Star?

13. What caused Fort Tejon to be reopened in the late summer of 1863?

14. Who tried to put an end to the "never-ending poker game" at Fort Tejon?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #33, Spring 1998



1. Who explored the possibility of building an aqueduct from Owens Valley to Los Angeles?

2. When was the Los Angeles aqueduct completed?

3. When did the St. Francis Dam fail?

4. When did the 1st U. S. Dragoons become the 1st U. S. Cavalry?

5. When was Fort Tejon finally abandoned by military forces?

6. Who directed the first California Geological Survey?

7. Where did John Muir study geology?

8. Who called snowflakes "snowflowers"?

9. Who gave John Muir credit for his glacial theory in a paper entitled "Some Ancient Glaciers of the Sierra"?

10. Which European was the first to actually land on San Nicolas Island?

11. How many Indians inhabited San Nicolas Island at its peak?

12. Who killed the majority of the Indian men on San Nicolas Island?

13. When was the lone woamn of San Nicolas Island found?

14. Who has jurisdiction over San Nicolas Island today?

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Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issue #34, Summer 1998



1. What kind of structure was Beckwourth's 1852 abode?

2. Where did Jim Beckwourth die?

3. Who started the "Gold Lake" rumor?

4. When was Rich Bar discovered in the Feather River Canyon?

5. When was the first toll road constructed along the Beckwourth Trail?

6. What was the name of the vigilante group in Truckee in the 1870s?

7. Where did the searchlight on Echo Mountain originally come from?

8. What happened to the Echo Mountain House on February 5, 1900?

9. When was the Mount Lowe Railway abandoned?

10. When was the first observatory established on Mount Wilson?

11. Where is the 16-inch telescope from the Mount Lowe Observatory today?

12. Who named the railroad station "Truckee" on the forthcoming transcontinental railroad?

13. Who created the world's first military air force?

14. What caused the abandonment of the Mount Lowe Observatory?

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