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The following is an alphabetical list of over 350 articles that have appeared in issues #1-50 of the Dogtown Territorial Quarterly from 1990 to 2002 and The California Territorial Quarterly starting with issue #51. The title is followed by the issue number: page number.

Now known as the California Territorial Quarterly beginning with issue #51.

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History Articles in Dogtown Territorial Quarterly Issues #1-50 (1990-2002)

150 Years Ago...John Bidwell & Nancy Kelsey Came to California 7:8

250 Year Old Man 11:27

A Brief History of Butte County Sheriff's Search & Rescue Team 10:17

A Butte County Maidu Indian Legend 13:31

A California Copperhead, Henry Hamilton and the Los Angeles Star 32:38

A Chronology of John A. Sutter's Life 19:3

Admiral Seymour, the British and California, 1846 24:4

A Dogtown Miner's Journal, Part 1 2:40

A Dogtown Miner's Journal, Part 2 3:40

A Dogtown Miner's Journal, Part 3 4:30

A Dogtown Miner's Journal, Part 4 5:30

A Dogtown Miner's Journal, Part 5 6:30

A Dream Come True, Pioneer Museum 8:18

After Jedediah Smith: Trappers From New Mexico 31:4

A Horse In the Bank 1:10

A Journey to "Paradise" in Search of "California's Gold" 30:6

A Journey to the Imaginary Empire of Norton I 25:6

Alcalde Walter Colton: Three Years in California 48:55

A Little Sacramento River Steamboat 27:4

A Living History Event In Butte Meadows 10:15

Aloha Oie, Polynesian Pioneers of Butte County 20:8

A New Emperor Norton Note, 1870 47:56

A "New" Old Mining Town 10:14

A Portrait of an Irish Miner During California's Gold Rush, Charles F. McGuirk, 1834-1911 43:36

Archaeological Investigations of the Tuscan Formation 15:18

A Review of Ripples Along Chico Creek 10:43

A Review of The Restless Longing 11:43

A Spectral Rescue: Napa Valley Extra-Sensory Perception 38:40

A Tale of Two Lovelocks 12:18

A Trip In the Mountains & A Fight With the Indians 15:54

A Trip to Ishi's Cave 12:24

A Trip to Philbrook Lake 10:32

An Early Trip to Indian Valley 12:50

Butte County Historical Society To Open Expanded Museum In Oroville 12:48

Beckwourth Cabin Dedication 8:23

Beckwourth Western Days 7:13; 11:21

Bidwell Bar Day 5:15; 9:11

Bidwell Mansion Association 11:23

Black Bart, the PO8 2:6

Bucking the Tiger: Gambling During the Gold Rush 24:10

Bureaucracy Will Kill You 21:16

Butte County Bankrupt? 6:37

Butte County Pioneer, James Wilson Marshall 6:14

Butte Meadows Living History 11:48

Butterfield's Overland Mail in California 41:4

California Mountaineers 22:10

California's Covered Bridges 22:14

California's New Ireland: El Proyecto Macnamara 39:38

California Stagecoaching: The Dusty Reality 47:4

California's State Capital Moved Several Times Before Finally Settling at Sacramento 44:4

Can We Save Our Historic Trees? 2:34

Can You Name This Local Pioneer? 6:12

Captain Fallon's Journal: Fact or Fiction (Donner Party) 26:62

Captain William A. Richardson: Founder of San Francisco 29:4

Captured by the Mill Creek Indians 22:10

Change of Command 16:10

Chinese in the Gold Rush 39:16

Chinese Miners on the Dogtown Ridge 2:16

Christmas Customs Through the Ages 8:32

Civil War Remembered 9:47

Coining Money at the San Francisco Branch Mint 21:14

Cold Blooded Murder at Dogtown 3:17

Collectors are Hoarding the New Sacagawea Golden Dollars 41:50

Colonel Edward J.C. Kewen, Los Angele's Fire-Eating Orator of the Civil War Era 38:46

Constable Jake Teeter vs James Reed & the 601 34:34

Crazy Stoddard and His Sack of Gold! 45:34

Curry's Camp Baldy, "The Yosemite of the South" 37:14

Dame Shirley, The best of the California Gold Rush Writers 45:43

Deep Canyon/Heavy Gold, A Rich Bar Miner's Recollection 15:10

Democratic Turmoil: California During the Civil War Years 31:32

Discover "California's Gold" 6:18

Doc Standley, Lawman 16:52

Dogtown From the Beginning 1:17

Dogtown History 2:8; 3:8; 4:8

Dogtown Ridge Travel Guide 4:24

Dogtown U.S.A. - Butte County 18:16

Dogtown U.S.A. - Mono County 16:14

Dogtown U.S.A. - Shasta County 17:17

Donner Summit Bridge Dedication 34:62

Donner Summit Bridge Rededication 35:54

Dr. Hugh Glenn: Victim or Villain? 22:6

DTQ Adopts-A-Highway 49:59

Early Preachers In Butte County 2:15

Early Schools In Butte County 3:33

Elderhostel: Is It For You? 13:62

Elizabeth Leary of Columbia: A Remarkable 19th Century Woman 36:13

Emma Hardinge: A Spiritual Voice for the Slave and the Union 29:6

Ezekiel Merritt: An Update 22:4

Ezekiel Merritt, The Leader of the Bear Flag Revolt 13:4

Facts & Fiction From Lonestar's Journal 1:8

Fall of the Table Mountain Meteor 5:14

Feather River Travel Guide 11:55

Flea Valley Flume Locomotive 3:16

Fort Tejon State Historic Park: An Interpretive History, Part 1 31:54, Part 2 32:4, Part 3 33:16

Francisco Garces: Intrepid Missionary-Explorer of Spanish California 48:4

From Ruin to Renown: Story of Old Sacramento's Restoration 19:14

From San Francisco to Sacramento City 43:46

Gateway to Sothern California: Roads, Old and New Over Cajon Pass 50:4

Gentleman John 20:14

George Lovelock 12:20

George Pegleg Michaels 3:22

Goin' For The Gold 1:9

Gold at Reading's Bar on Clear Creek, Shasta County 17:8

Gold Discoveries Before 1848 17:28

Gold Discovery Day Sesquicentennial 33:53

Gold Discovery Park 17:32

Gold Discovery to Statehood 20:43

Gold Nugget Days Celebration 5:39; 9:46

Gold Rush Gambling: Games & Ladies & Cheating 29:12

Gold Rush Organizations 1:12

Gold Rush Silver Legacy Comes Home 15:12

Governor Juan B. Alvarado, Life in California Under Three Flags 35:4

Granville Stuart, A Dogtown Miner's Memoir, 1852-1854 46:39

Gray Lodge Wildlife Refuge Travel Guide 12:55

Guardians on the Moungtaintops, The Fire Lookouts of Southern California 42:40

Hazards of Stage & Express 9:40

He Came With A Dream (John Sutter) 19:32

Historical Perceptions: The Controversy Surrounding William B. Ide, Part 1 16:6

Historical Perceptions: The Controversy Surrounding William B.Ide, Part 2 17:46

Historic Homes Tour, Butte County 3:32; 10:43; 11:46

Hitching A Ride With A Covered Wagon 14:36

Home, Home on the Grange 47:41

Honey Run Covered Bridge Breakfast 5:24; 9:11

Hostile Indian Relations In Butte County 12:28

How Dogtown Got Its Name 7:14

How We Rediscovered The Johnson Ranch Adobe 12:4

Indian Lore Recaptured at Butte County Library 21:12

Inside Gateway, The Last Gasp of a Hundred Year Frenzy 15:6

In The Beginning - E Clampus Vitus 17:42

Ira Wetherbee & the Dogtown Nugget 5:12

Isaac Reeves Ketchum of Bidwell Bar 10:40

Juanita, Tragedy at Downieville 6:8

J. Goldsborough Bruff, '49er 5:20

J. Goldsborough Bruff Celebrates Christmas 7:15

James McDowell, Sutter's Gunsmith 19:62

James Wilson Marshall 17:6

Jedediah Smith, Overland to California 28:4

Jim Beckwourth 3:6

Jim Beckwourth 11:18

John Bidwell: Civil War Politics, and the Indian Crisis of 1862 46:4

John Bidwell: Reluctant Indian Fighter, 1852-1856 36:32

John Bidwell & The Bear Flag Revolt 13:12

John Bidwell & The Golden Feather 17:10

John Bidwell and the Rancho Chico Indian Treaty of 1852, Seduction, Betrayal, and Redemption 42:4

John Bidwell's Role in the 1863 Indian Removal from Chico, part 1 49:4

John Bidwell's Role in the 1863 Indian Removal from Chico, part 2, and Through 1866 50:34

John Fremont In the Conquest of California, Part 1 6:6

John Fremont in the Conquest of California, Part 2 7:6

John McKinstry Smith, Argonaut, Entrepreneur and Agriculturist of Long's Bar 37:32

John Muir and the Bidwells: The Forgotten Friendship 21:4

John Sutter and His Fort 19:4

John Sutter and Hock Farm 19:8

Johnny Appleseed Day 7:12

Jose Chico: Bearing a Bi-Cultural Burden 32:54

Josiah Dwight Whitney and the California Geological Survey, Part 1 24:12

Josiah Dwight Whitney and the California Geological Survey, Part 2 25:4

Justice, Sierra County Style 18:14

Kibbe's Campaign 20:10

Landslide at Sawmill Peak 3:31

Larkin & Fremont: Protagonists on the California Stage 13:32

Latest from California, Diamonds, Platinum, and Emeralds in California 44:23

Legend Into History: Facts & Fiction of the Lookout Lynching, Part 1 20:4

Legend Into History: Facts & Fiction of the Lookout Lynching, Part 2 21:10

Lewis Keseberg's Testimony: Victim or Villain? 26:64

Life In Hat Creek Valley at the Time of Lassen Peak's Eruption 16:16

Living History at Sutter's Fort 9:18

Maidu Indians on the Dogtown Ridge 3:4

Major McLaughlin's Wonderful Wall 3:24

Manoah Pence of Pence's Ranch - Pentz P.O. 8:4

Mapping the Beckwourth Trail 34:4

Margaret Hamilton Smyth, M.D., A capable and Qualified 19th Century Woman 49:34

Massacre on the Colorado River 39:4

Mechoopda-Maidu Indian Legacy 11:43

Meet Rene Lassen 6:39

Miner's Inch 7:37

Modoc County Historical Museum 20:33

Monroeville, A Historical Summary, Part 1 6:20

Monroeville, A Historical Summary, Part 2 7:20

Monterey County Land King: The Story of David Jack 48:22

Mortars, Miners and Forbidden Archeology 35:32

Mountain Scenery in California 45:51

Mystery on the Black Rock Desert 9:44

Neal Road & the Elliott Spring House 14:18

Near Disaster on the Lassen Trail 17:14

New Bear Flag Republic? 8:17

New Gold Rush Exhibit at Sutter's Fort State Historic Park 33:56

Newly Discovered Documents on the Donner Party: The Donner Girls Tell Their Story 26:6

Nimshew Diary 9:14

Nomlaki and the Nomlaki Reservation 13:3

Occurrence at Nimshew Village 11:4

O.K. Smith, the Wade Family, and the Map That Opened the Door to Death Valley 31:22

Once For A Time...The Land Was Theirs, Part 1 9:20

Once For A Time...The Land Was Theirs, Part 2 10:20

Ordeal of the Sobobas 35:46

Other Members of the Bartleson/Bidwell Wagon Train 7:37

Pacific Avenue Cable Line, 1885-1929 14:18

Paradise Fact & Folklore 4:9

Paradise Genealogical Society 5:9

Patrick Breen's Diary of the Entrapment (Donner Party) 26:56

Patrick Reddy, Frontier Lawyer 40:38

Peace & Friendship, P.B. Reading, Tom Hill & California Battalion 13:18

Pedro Fages: Unheralded Explorer of Spanish California 29:10

Peter Lassen, The First Permanent Settler in Butte County 5:4

Pioneer Dr. John Barnett Smith, His Adventures 7:30

Placerita Canyon: California's First Gold Rush 24:6

Political Skirmishing, From the Marysville Daily Appeal, January 10, 1866 32:52

Popular Justice: Vigilantism In Butte County 8:8

Private Feelings: Californians View the Civil War 31:47

Professor Thaddeus S.C Lowe and His Observatory 34:52

Prospecting for Gold 1:24, 25, 38, 39

Putting Ishi's Villages on the Map 14:16

Quartz Mining in California 37:54

Railway Into the Clouds, Professor Lowe's Mountain Railway 34:41

Recreation of an Old Mining Town 14:15

Redding vs. Reading 13:47

Researching the Gold Rush Irish 30:10

Rich Bar 14:12

Rough & Tumble Fighting: Perspectives on Violence in Gold Rush California 47:49

Rushing for Gold Via the Southern Overland Route 45:4

Saga of the Stephens-Townsend-Murphy Party of 1844, Part 1 1:4

Saga of the Stephens-Townsend-Murphy Party of 1844, Part 2 19:56

Sam Clemens & Reuel Gridley, Prospectors From Hannibal 20:12

Samuel Clemens, William Brewer & J. Ross Browne: The Mono Lake Connection 22:8

Samuel Neal of Rancho Esquen, Part I 6:4

Samuel Neal of Rancho Esquon, Part 2 7:4

Schliemann Slept Here 14:6

Robt. Semple, Bear Flagger, Publisher &Town Builder, Part 1 14:8

Robt. Semple, Bear Flagger, Publisher & Town Builder, Part 2 1S:8

Robt. Semple, Bear Flagger, Publisher & Town Builder, Part 3 16:8

Robt. Semple, Bear Flagger, Publisher &Town Builder, Part 4 17:60

"Sir, I Am Underage" 23:12

"Sir, My Horse Shot Me!" 27:14

Soldiers - Pioneers - Bakers 14:4

Some New Opinions on John Augustus Sutter 19:18

Some Transitional Alcaldes of Northern California 42:50

Springtime on Table Mountain 9:47

Steel Rails on the Ridge: The Butte County Railroad, Part 1 1:4

Steel Rails on the Ridge: The Butte County Railroad, Part 2 2:4

Stephen Watts Kearny, the Army of the West and the Battle of San Pasqual 35:10

Suttersville - A Pipe Dream At Best 19:10

Sutter's Fort Mountain Man/Pioneer Traders & Craft Faire 13:41

Sutter's Indian Guard 19:6

Sutter's Last Stand 19:16

Tejon Pass and Those Who Crossed It 30:4

Terrible Trek: The Donner Party Story, Part 1 9:4

Terrible Trek: The Donner Party Story, Part 2 10:6

Terrible Trek: The Donner Party Story, Part 3 11:6

Terrible Trek: The Donner Party Story, Revised Special Issue 26:4

The 1993 Emigrant Trail Wagon Train 14:10

The Bear Flaggers at Sonoma 13:63

The Bear Flag Revolt, William B. Ide & the California Republic 13:6

The Bidwell Era Revisited 15:14

The California Dog Express 4:16

The California Gold Discovery 17:4

The California Northern Railroad 9:8

The California That Nearly Was 20:6

The Camel Experiment In California 18:10

The Chinese Temple 9:23

The Colusa County Archives 15:44

The Creation of Yosemite Valley, A Scientific Controversy from the 19th Century 33:32

The Deaths of Cowie & Fowler 14:44

The Durham Cemetery 16:18

The Fenian Brotherhood in Northern California, 1858-1875, Part 1 27:10

The First California Newspaper Accounts of the Donner Party Tragedy 26:10

The Gamblers, The Players & the Games They Played 27:8

The Games They Played (Gold Rush Gambling) 28:8

The Gold Nugget Museum 3:9

The Great Hydraulic Mine at Cherokee 1:6

The Great Siskiyou Train Robbery 18:32

The Great Stagecoach Race of 1857 5:6

The History of a Letter, The San Francisco Post Office in 1858 41:39

The History of Bidwell Bar, 1848-1856, Part 1 8:6

The History of Bidwell Bar, 1848-1856, Part 2 9:6

The History of Bidwell Bar, 1848-1856, Part 3 10:8

The History of Bidwell Bar, 1848-1856, Part 4 11:14

The House That Dimes & Quarters Built 11:10

The Hotel Del Monte Goes to War 49:46

The Jackass Mail, The Pony Express of the South 40:46

The Killing of Juan Diego: From Murder to Mythology 23:6

The Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island 33:40

The Long March of the Mormon Battalion, 1846-1847 36:4

The Lott Home In Sank Park 10:23

The Man Who Turned Dust to Gold 40:4

The Many Passions of Joaquin Miller 37:21

The Modoc Indian War, Part 1: Prelude to War 22:12

The Modoc Indian War, Part 2: War in the Land of Burnt Out Fires 23:

The Modoc Indian War, Part 3: Peace Talks, Treachery and Assassinations 24:8

The Modoc Indian War, Part 3: Assault, Massacre and Bloodhounds 25:8

The Modoc Indian War, Part 4: Court Martial, Executions, Legacy 26:68

The Mountain Meadows Massacre, Utah Territory, 1857 18:8

The Murder of Hi Good 12:28

The New California History Website 32:62

The New World of an Ancient People 12:8

The Night of the Flood, The Failure of the St. Francis Dam 33:4

The North Valley's Movie Heritage 3:6

The Old Ridge Route 28:12

The Ords of Ord Bend: Blue Blood and Battlefields 18:12

The Politics of the 1859 Kibbe Campaign: Northern California Indian-Settler Conflicts of the 1850s 38:4

The Popular Movement, & Sutter's Fort; An Interpretive View 13:8

The Press of Butte County 8:20

The Rescuers, John and Daniel Rhoads (Donner Party) 26:8

The River Trip, Sutter's Fort Mobile Living History Program 36:58

The Settlement of Northern California, Part 1 10:4

The Settlement of Northern California, Part 2 11:8

The Settlement of Northern California, Part 3 12:10

The Sexton Collection of Native American Art 13:53

The Soldier's Friend: The U.S. Sanitary Commission 25:10

The Southwest Expedition of Jedediah Smith 4:4,

The Story of a Pioneer Doctor 4:14

The Story of E Clampus Vitus 5:16; 6:16; 7:16; 8:16

The Story of E Clampus Vitus - S.E.A.R.C.H. - The Humboldt 9:16

The Story of E Clampus Vitus - S.E.A.R.C.H. 10:11; 11:16; 12:16

The Story of Patty Reed's Doll 26:25

The Taming of San Fernando Pass 39:44

The Three Knolls Massacre 15:4

The U.S. Mint's Statehood Quarter Program Fuels a New Generation of Coin Collectors 41:47

The Twain and Grays Flat Area 13:50

The World Gold Panning Championships 34:58

The Worthless Gold Mine That Changed Southern California 39:23

Tiburcio Vasquez in Southern California: The Bandito's Last Hurrah 27:6

Tom Bell, Road Agent 15:16

Traders, Travelers, and Horsetheives on the Old Spanish Trail 44:34

Tragedy at Whiskey Flat, Behar Dedication 8:13

Trappers at the Buttes 21:6

Tree of a Thousand Faces Perishes w/Joe Schneider 8:12

Trip to Fremont's Camp in the Sutter Buttes 13:37

True Lies: Early Accounts of the Bear Flag Revolt 23:8

Update on California's Sesquicentennials 23:9

Vallejo: A California Legend, The Bear Flag Incident 13:10

Vengeance in Cherokee 4:20

Walker Mine 11:40

"Weeds Not Worth Picking Up," Theodor Hartwig, Botanist in California 28:6

Wealth & Shadows, The Gold Rush & the California Indians 17:12

Welcome to Butte County's Little Grand Canyon 7:18

Welcome to Historical Cherokee 6:23

What Time Is It? 19:12

Whiskey Flat 5:8

Whiskey Won the Election 13:48

Who Are the Cousin Jacks? 13:61

Who Built the Adobe at William B. Ide State Historic Park? 12:6

Who Were the Victims at the Three Knolls? 16:12

William Bradshaw's Road to Gold 43:4

William B. Ide, Pioneer, Bear Flagger & Builder, Part 1 16:4

William B. Ide, Pioneer, Bear Flagger & Builder, Part 2 17:46

William B. Ide, Pioneer, Bear Flagger & Builder, Part 3 18:6

William B. Ide, Pioneer, Bear Flagger & Builder, Part 4 19:48

William B. Ide, Pioneer, Bear Flagger & Builder, Part 5 20:56

William B. Ide, Pioneer, Bear Flagger & Builder, Part 6 21:8

William C. Moon, Henry L. Ford & the Bear Flag Revolt 13:20

William G. Murphy's Lecture and Two Letters to Mrs. Houghton 26:14

Women's Work in the 1860s 29:8

W.T. Sherman versus the U.S. Navy 30:8

Yana: The Elimination of a Native People, Part 1 9:12

Yana: The Elimination of a Native People, Part 2 10:12

Yana: The Elimination of a Native People, Part 3 11:12

Yana: The Elimination of a Native People, lshi, Part 4 12:12

Yellowstone Kelly 2:9

Yellowstone Kelly Dedication 4:17

History Articles in California Territorial Quarterly Issues #51-67 (2002-2006)

Acquiring the Power of Ready Thought: The Educational Philosophy of John Swett, The Father of Public School Education 51:19

Alexis Godey: Indian Friend or Indian Killer? 66:4

Antonio Maria Armijo: New Mexico Trader to Californio Ranchero 63:4

A Trip Along the Nome Cult Death Trail 56:19

The Big Four Move South: The Building of the Southern Pacific Railroad 55:4

Boontling 67:38

The California Letter 54:38

The Captivity of the Oatman Girls: New Research and Interview with Margot Mifflin 63:16

The City of Souls: Colma, California 65:47

Complete Story of the San Francisco Horror: Scenes of Death and Destruction 65:4

Crossing California's Sahara: Imperial County's Plank Road 61:26

David Jack and the Robber Barons: High Profile Business Relationships of the 19th Century 55:30

Distressing News of the Donner Party 60:58

The End of the California Indian War on the Butte County Front, 1864-1865 62:4

Father James Croke: Pastor, Mountain Man, Fund Raiser, Extraordinary 54:21

Fighting the Mill Creeks: Being a Personal Account of Campaigns Against the Indians of the Northern Sierra 62:18

Fighting Words: Censoring Civil War Journalism in California 51:4

The Fred Harvey System: Civilizer of the American Southwest 61:4

Forty Million Dollars of Food & One Million Gifts: A History of the Friendship and Merci Trains 54:4

From Pipe Dream to Reality, A Personal Journey Through Time 52:37

From Ruins to Renown: The Story of Old Sacramento's Restoration 60:38

Gunny Sacks Galore 52:18

He Came With a Dream 60:34

The History of National Women's History Month 56:22

Ho! For the Kern River: Andrew Smith Hallidie 66:38

The Indian Removal to Round Valley in 1863, A Reconsideration, Part One 56:4

The Indian Removal to Round Valley in 1863, A Reconsideration, Part Two 57:4

Ishi and the Long Concealment 64:16

James F. Eddy Ends His Journey 57:17

James McDowell: Sutter's Gunsmith 60:48

John Bidwell and California: The Life and Writings of a Pioneer, 1841-1900, First Emigrants on the California Trail 53:4

John Sutter and His Fort 60:4

John Sutter and Hock Farm 60:21

Joseph W. Palmer: Banker, Bank Robber, Huckster: The 19th Century's Highest Stakes Gambler 57:20

Margaret Crocker's Love-Hate Relationship with Sacramento 51:41

A Million Dollars in Real Estate: A Mexican Land Grant Becomes a Widow's Fortune 61:36

My Checkered Life 57:30

A New Covered Wagon for Sutter's Fort 60:54

New Light on the Life of Pierson Barton Reading 58:4

New Research Reveals Correct Picture of Hi Good 62:44

Rails to San Diego 59:4

Recollections of a '49er 67:4

Recent Historical Discoveries at Sutter's Fort 60:54

The Reign of Trenor Park: The Mariposa Company Left in Ruins 63:34

The Reverend John O'Hanlon's Irish Immigrant's Guide for the United States, 1851 64:26

Sandberg's Summit Hotel on the Old Ridge Route 51:32

Some New Opinions on John Augustus Sutter 60:45

Sourdough: Yeast of the Gold Rush 63:45

Sutter's Indian Guard 60:14

Sutter's Last Stand 60:42

Suttersville: A Pipe Dream at Best 60:26

The Sweet, Sad Song of Yellow Bird: California's Confederate Cherokee 64:4

Two Remarkable California Pioneers: Eliza Farham and Georgiana Bruce Kirby 56:24

Revisiting Eugene Macnamara's Irish Colony Scheme in California 56:36

Unlocking the Secrets of the Mariposa Grant 59:19

Vasquez Rocks: The Southland's Most Famous "Rock Star" 53:30

Wells Fargo: A California Company Goes North of the Border 58:28

The West's Greatest Claim jump: A Story of High Crimes in High Places 58:18

What Do We Want? The Emperor Norton Bridge! When Do We Want It? Now! 59:28

What Time Is It? 60:33

William Bowden Phillips: Early Pioneer of Mariposa County 66:18

William Kelly, Gentleman Gold Digger: California, 1849-50; Australia, 1853 and 1858 64:36

William Parker Lyon's Pony Express Museum 63:26

Winged Feet in the Dust: Long-Distance Trade Routes in Aboriginal California 52:4

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